Representative Cases

In his ADR Practice, Mr. Masini has handled more than 100 Mediations, Arbitrations, Arb/Med Hybrid cases and Appraisal Umpire disputes primarily involving construction, warehousing and environmental matters. The following is a list of representative ADR cases in which Mr. Masini has served as a Mediator, Arbitrator or Appraisal Umpire to illustrate the variety of ADR matters he has presided over:

Representative ADR Construction Cases

  • 10-Party Mediation involving project Owner, General Contractor, Architect and 7 Subcontractors regarding allegedly defective demolition, design, construction and project management
  • Mediation of multi-party construction case involving Owner, Architect, Civil Engineer and Surveyor with claims arising out of design and installation of site utilities for $27 million multi-family residential development
  • Mediation of claims and counterclaims between Owner and General Contractor relating to the design and construction of $7.5 million Assisted Living Facility
  • Mediation of claims and counterclaims between Owner, Architect, Consultant, Contractor and Subcontractors arising out of the design and construction of outdoor sports facility, including football field, baseball fields, tennis courts, playground, gazebo, walking path, bioswale and parking lot
  • Arbitration of dispute between Owner/Developer, Contractor and tenant relating to the design and construction of new commercial office building and buildout of medical offices
  • Arb/Med Hybrid case involving claims and counterclaims between Owners and Contractor, including alleged faulty construction and building code violations on project not yet completed due to termination of contractor
  • Mediation of multi-million dollar dispute arising out of the refurbishment of 15 monorail train cars and other vehicles for the O’Hare Airport Transit System
  • Arbitration of contract disputes between various parties arising out of the design and construction of the $14 million Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting Indiana

Representative ADR Warehousing Cases

  • Mediation of multi-million dollar dispute between owner/operator of refrigerated warehouse facility and multiple customers/depositors involving alleged contamination of food products, assertion of Warehouseman’s Lien and claims of Conversion, Breach of Contract, Fraud and Unjust Enrichment
  • Arbitration of case involving ammonia leak in refrigerated warehouse that adulterated more than 2.4 million pounds of food product and related packaging
  • Mediation of dispute between Depositor and Warehouseman in leased warehouse facility regarding lost/damaged craft products, inventory shortages, EDI discrepancies, maintenance of warehouse facility, cross-docking issues and backcharges

Representative ADR Environmental Cases

  • Mediation of dispute between Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP) and remediation contractor involving one of the largest environmental dredging clean up projects in U.S. history
  • Mediation of dispute between power plant owner, subsequent purchaser and environmental engineering firm relating to allowable emissions
  • Mediation involving destruction of protected wetlands adjacent to a country club
  • Mediation of claims arising from failure of wastewater treatment lagoon which overflowed and caused groundwater contamination and contamination of nearby river

Representative Appraisal Umpire Cases

  • Appraisal Umpire in first-party property appraisal dispute involving claims in excess of $18 million arising out of fire in Water Resource Recovery Facility